I have worked with the True Illusions team for years now and I always endorse them to every single person who asks me for a recommendation for an event management company. The team of TI has pace, passion, enthusiasm, creativity and the high level attention to details, that any client would want. It’s amazing how they understand your brand and become one with the organisation they are working with. I can say this with absolute surety that your event cannot go wrong with the team of TI working on it.
I always say, that if you want just a successful event, you can choose from the plethora of event management companies available today, but if you would like a successful event with a soul, that will be talked about for months and most possibly years too, then choose True Illusions as your partner! Love you all at TI. Cheers!
Manjari Ghosh
Manager - Marketing
Carl Zeiss India

I applaud the passion, intentness and great attention to detail which the team brought into the Kentech Fest and other events. True Illusions takes great pride and ownership in each experience they deliver and embraces the attitude of complete alliance with the client they serve. The team certainly knows their job.
Syed, my colleague mentioned, True Illusions’ tagline should say “Consider it done”, I have no doubt that the team will live up to this recommendation and your expectations.
Swami Krishnan
V.P & Head Marketing
Sasken Communication Technologoes Limited
Dear Natraj,
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your team in making HORIZON 2013, our National Sales Meeting which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, a grand success. The touch points like impeccable production, an interesting awards film and remarkable entertainment made the experience truly wonderful. Our associates who attended this meeting were all praise and happy with the overall experience.
Your team’s dedication and passion is certainly commendable and I would highly recommend True Illusions for such an event.
Thanks a lot and we look forward to working with you again.
Rajesh Bhan
Head - Marketing
Alcon India
We give our heartiest thanks to True Illusions for your wonderful effort on putting up a marvellous show for our 10th Anniversary event. The innovative ideas and practical suggestions changed the dimension of the event. The event was more than a celebration and beyond expectation.
We appreciate the initiative of decorating the office prior the event which indeed set the right mood for the occasion.
Mohan A
Co-founder and Vice President- Data Architecture and Informatics 
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